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Of course, reporting on your boyfriend’s professional baseball team does present a conflict, and Dell was removed from Red Sox broadcasts after the tweet was sent out. This rumor-turned-reality does have a happy ending, however.

And that may be why the next two rumors, also involved NESN personalities, caught on.

Heidi Watney and Jason Varitek From 2008-2011, Heidi Watney covered the Red Sox for NESN.

During that period rumors surfaced that she was dating then-Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek, who played for the team from 1997 until his retirement in 2011, and Nick Green, who was with the team for the 2009 season.

The former, however, seemed to carry more weight with with those in the rumor mill due to reports of “intimate conversations” between the two at a Baltimore bar in 2008, and especially after the player filed for divorce from his wife of more than 10 years in July 2008.

But the most bizarre part about all of this story may not be the alleged relationship between Moran and Farrell.

It’s that a relationship between a team reporter and someone from the Boston Red Sox organization is being alleged, .The couple confirmed two week later with a New Year’s Day tweet together.It was the first time either had publicly acknowledged the relationship.A radio yakker once speculated that she and married Sox skipper Terry Francona were the subject of a blind New York gossip column item — a bad assumption that cost the yakker his job.That seems to be the beginning and end of it in terms of her rumored Red Sox love interests, although the Herald also reports she told sports blogger John Molori that NESN had no rules against dating players and that she wouldn’t work there if the network did.Somewhere between those two dates, the rumors began to swirl about the pair. ) The Boston Globe appears to be the first to report on the then-alleged relationship, when its Lifestyle section reported that Dell had been offered another contract by NESN, adding the interesting detail to the announcement blurb that stated that she “now lives with boyfriend (and third baseman) Will Middlebrooks.” This of course was odd because neither had confirmed that they were dating.

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