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The Baowry (address and info) We’re not saying you shouldn’t eat in this funky little place.

But we are saying that you should absolutely take a stack of the incredible steamed buns -- pork, chicken, and duck confit among them -- and some breath-freshening kimchi and have a nice picnic in nearby Cathedral Park.

That’s why we recommend this brand-new resto from the Tabor Tavern crew, which specializes in ambiance with a side of steak frites.

It’s a fantastic new neighborhood spot (and, let’s face it, letting a date know you’re knowledgeable about hip food sites and new spots is a turn on) without pretension. That puts you one step closer to “ironically” hitting the Bare for dessert. Jack (address and info) It’s basically like being in France, but without all the French people: there’s a sea of cheese, small plates including tartare and snails, and big plates that include the incredible lamb T-bone. And unlike Paris, it’s not going to drain your wallet faster than a pickpocket. Papa Haydn (address and info) It’s a simple equation: wine fancy European food wine fancy European desserts wine = laid. Pono Farm Soul Kitchen (address and info) Located next to the Hollywood Theatre and across the street from a wine bar -- date options represent!

Next door, Radar offers up small plates like bluefish pate and watermelon salads that are ideal forsharing, and larger plates like smoked pork shoulder and crab linguini in case you’re not into the whole sharing thing... But the real draw here is the meat: Old Salt has an in-house butcher shop that feeds the hearth, which pops out some of the best damned upscale comfort food you’ll eat, period.

which is kind of a shitty way to start out a relationship, but hey, it’s your date. If you really want to impress, opt for the “let us cook for you” option, where you tell the chef how much you want to spend ($30 minimum), and he showers you in delicious.

It even has a couch, in case you want to pretend you’re in your parents' basement and have a make-out session. If you want to really find out about your date’s willingness to try new things, this is your barometer.

Aviary (address and info) Nothing really screams romance quite like pig ears, and that crispy dish has made Aviary famous.It’s also the best damned restaurant on a street known for hosting some of Portland’s brightest.The dining room offers up French/Asian/WTF fusion ranging from brioche-crusted sole with shrimp mousse to roasted lamb (and pig ears!Oh, and the menu doesn’t force you to look like an asshole in front of a date by slaughtering Italian words.Bonus points for being next door to Southeast Wine Collective, and for the wonderful view of Portland’s last true adult movie theater, in case you need a conversation starter.Whether you spend your workday swiping on Tinder or actually, like, go out and meet people in real life, chances are you're going to go on a date at some point in your life. And then you have to pick up the corsage and brush your teeth and... And it’s just a short jaunt to Ground Kontrol, where you can get down on classic arcade games, which is an oddly romantic thing.

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