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If a browser is incapable of supporting Java Script, the validation routines are automatically implemented in server-side code.You should be warned, however, that client-side validation works only with Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 and higher. If you request a page that contains a validation control, and you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 or higher, Java Script code is automatically sent to your browser.

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NET controls on the page from rendering any non-HTML 3.2 compatible content.

For example, the directive also prevents the rendering of Cascading Style Sheet attributes to the page.

If the checksums match, the data was almost certainly not altered.

You use these validators for common types of data, including credit card numbers, dates, e-mail addresses, numbers, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, strings, and ZIP codes.

Use the first validator to validate currency values for a U. Users can enter a single digit or two digits for month, day, and year.

By default, the validator ensures that the following information is provided: property specifies, including the slash (/), backslash (\), dash (-), and period (.) characters.The Validation controls automatically generate both client-side and server-side code.If a browser is capable of supporting Java Script, client-side validation scripts are automatically sent to the browser.You typically use the properties to specify the location of the credit card type to validate.The Credit Card Validator class validates that a credit card number is the correct length for the specified card type, as follows: .The Currency Validator class defines the properties that let you specify the format of the currency value, whether to allow negative values, and the precision of the values, and other options.

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